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Signs It's Time to Replace Your Blinds

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Not sure if it's the right time to replace your blinds? On average, people change out their window coverings every 7 to 8 years. If you don't remember the last time you changed yours out, it's a good guess that they've seen quite a bit of wear and tear. Here are some of the warning signs you need to look for.

Warped/ Bent Slats

Have your blinds lost the neat straight lines they had when you first pulled them out of the box? Faux wood blinds can start to warp when exposed to prolonged heat, while humidity can take it's toll on wood blinds. In a desert climate, we recommend fabric Roman shades, or cellular shades. Avoid wood blinds in high humidity areas, like bathrooms and laundry rooms.

Hard/Impossible To Raise

Are you blinds requiring two hands and the strength of Hercules to raise? It could be a sign of potential damage and danger. The lift mechanism could be damaged to the point of breaking. Too much force could cause the blind to fall out of the window, causing damage or even bodily harm. Difficult to lift blinds should be replaced immediately.

Frayed Cords

Frayed cords mean that either the age of the blind and normal wear and tear has caught up to them, or that the internal lift mechanisms are causing damage to the strings. In either way, the blinds may fall or be rendered impossible to use, so it's time to replace them.

Discolored Slats

All blinds can experience some fading due to exposure to the sun. Newer materials offer more UV protection and can delay the inevitable. But if your blinds look closer to a yellow color than the original white that you purchased, it's time to replace them. It's a sign of deterioration of the blind slat material, meaning that they are closer to breaking.

Frayed Fabric Edges

If you are already using fabric shades (Romancellular, or roller), and you see that ends are starting to fray, it means that your shades are scraping against the edges of your window frame. It's better to replace them sooner than later, as continued use will damage the shade. Worried about ordering too wide? Just follow our handy How to Measure guide to ensure a proper fit.

Slats Don't Close Tight

If your slats have a larger gap between them when closed then they originally did, or your tilt wand seems to be mostly for show as the slats don't move, it means the tilt mechanism has probably become unusable. This piece can be difficult to replace, as it often means re-cording the entire blind. It's better to replace the entire blind, and more effective.

They Don't Meet Your Needs

Just because your blinds or shades look in prime condition doesn't mean that they're the right product for the job. Maybe you still catch a glare on the TV because your mini blinds allow light to come in through the slats. Maybe you need something that will help with energy efficiency better. Consider upgrading to a higher quality product that better meets your needs, and donating your current blinds to a friend or worthy charity.

They're Out of Style

How long have you lived in your home? Do you still have the big thick vinyl roller shades that were installed in the 60s? The floral print curtains against the stained white blinds? Older window coverings not only make your home look dated, they can be dangerous, as we've discussed above. Most blinds and shades have a life of about 7 or 8 years, so it may be time to move up to a more contemporary look.

You Have New Windows

Just installed new windows? They may have new dimensions. Window depth may have changed, or they might have a slightly narrower width now. Maybe they're more energy efficient. Double down on that efficiency and get new shades that will help those windows do their best, like a cellular shade. You have new windows. Dress them up a little bit instead of sticking your old dated blinds back up.

Not sure where to get started? We have helpful tips to get you started on choosing the right window treatments right HERE. Or feel free to email us with any questions. And you can always calls us at 855-769-3893.