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How to Clean Blinds

Posted by Window Blind Outlet on

One of the most consistent questions we receive is how to clean blinds and shades. There are actually a variety of methods.

One method is to use a vacuum with the brush attachment. This method is useful for both horizontal blinds (faux wood blindswood blinds, and mini blinds) and for shades (honeycomb cellularroman fabric, and bamboo roman). The brush attachment will help clean the dust off without too much suction and without damaging your window treatments.

Another method is to dust them, with something like a feather duster or any other household dusting product. Others choose to use a damp rag or sponge and run it the length of each individual slat.

With both the vacuum and duster method, be sure and use side to side movement, working your way down the length of your blind or shade. Upwards movement can sometimes cause blinds to come out of place if you aren't careful.

For fabric shades that have a spot or a spill, you can use similar methods used for removing stains in carpet, like spot remover sprays or warm water and detergent.

We hope this short post is informative and will help you with your cleaning in the future.