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Frequently Asked Questions

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We often encounter the same questions from customers. Hopefully this FAQ will help to answer those questions for you.

How do I measure? We have a small guide available on the website, near the bottom of the screen with the title How to Measure. This is a great guide that gives you step by step measuring tips to ensure a proper fit. This guide is also available as a pop up on all custom product listings.

Should I order as an inside mount or outside mount? The answer to this question is that it's really completely up to you. Some customer prefer the look of an inside mounted shade, while others choose to mount it outside the window frame. There is no right or wrong answer. Some things to keep in mind when deciding include window depth and any obstructions in the frame (like window cranks).

Why is my shade not as wide as I ordered? When you order your shade as an inside mount, we automatically make a small deduction for a proper fit. This measurement varies depending on the product, and the deduction amount can always be found on the listing under "Product Specs". For example, on the Aura Top Down Bottom Up Cordless Cellular Shades, we make a 3/8" deduction (3/16" on either side). This ensures that you can raise and lower the shade without it catching on the window frame. We make the deduction automatically, so if you make the deduction yourself prior to submitting your order, you will have larger gaps on either side.

Why did the price go up from what I originally saw? The prices listed when you first click the listing are the starting price for that product. Because more material has to be used for larger sizes, the prices do go up as you increase the size of the blind. For example, the Budget Custom Faux Wood Blinds have a starting price of $24.00. However, once you put in a larger size, that price does go up to account for the cost of extra materials.

Can I get samples of products? We do offer free sample swatches for all of our custom products. You can order them directly through the site. You can pull up the Sample Swatches page from the tab at the top of the website and find your desired product. Each listing will also include a link over to the sample swatches for that particular product. Sample swatches are limited to 10 per customer.

Why won't you ship to me in Canada/ Bahamas/ etc? At this time, we currently only offer shipping services to the lower 48 of the United States. We do offer free standard shipping on all orders placed with us. Due to limitations set by our manufacturers, we are unable to ship outside of the lower 48 at this time.

Can you ship overnight? Because we offer free shipping, we only offer standard shipping services. Expedited shipping is not currently offered.

Why doesn't my tracking number work? Tracking numbers can sometimes take 1-2 business days to become active. Once an order is boxed up, a shipping label is printed and the tracking number is generated. However, until that shipping label gets scanned by our parcel carrier, that tracking number will say "Not Found" when checked online. We ask that you give it 24-48 hours to become active.

What is the turn around time for my order? Most stock size items ship out within one business day of the order being placed. For most custom items, production takes 3-5 business days. For Fabric Roman Shades, production can take 6-10 business days. Shipping time for all orders is generally 3-5 business days. Once an order ships out, we send the customer an email with the tracking number.

What is your return policy? Because of the custom nature of our products, we do not returns on custom products. We do offer our Satisfaction Guarantee policy, which will allow custom products to be exchanged within 30 days, with certain restrictions applied. 

Are you running any sales? While we do not usually offer sales, there are coupon codes available that can be used at checkout. You can sign up for our mailing list or "Like" us on Facebook to get a coupon code, or contact our customer service department.

As always, if you have any questions, feel free to ask. We are here to help and make this experience a positive one!