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Choosing the Right Shades for You

Posted by Window Blind Outlet on

What do you suggest for a bedroom window?

This is one of the most common questions we receive when customers start shopping around the website. When a customer first logs on to our website, it can be a little overwhelming to see all the different options we have available. With a wide range of product lines, from the every day mini blinds, to elegant Roman shades, we have something that will suit the needs for anyone.

But if you're still feeling a little lost and don't know where to get started in your search, we've put together a few factors to keep in mind to help get you started.

1.) Light Control

We feature shades that can give you total control of the light coming in to your home or office. If you're looking for a shade that will give the room a bit of a glow but still provide substantial privacy, consider something like the Aura Cordless Cellular Shade, or our Custom Fabric Roman Shade Series One. Both are a light filtering shade that will maintain your privacy, but still provide ample light to the room. If you're looking for something that will cut out the light, like in a bedroom or home theater space, consider room darkening shades, like the Mirage Cordless Cellular Blackout Shade, or the Custom Room Darkening Roman Shade. If you want to maintain privacy, but still have the option to look out the windows without raising a blind or shade, consider a blind that you can tilt the slats open and closed, like our Budget Faux Wood Blinds or Economy Wood Blinds.

For even more light control, consider a Top Down Bottom Up Cellular Shade. The top down bottom up shade allows you to expose as much or as little of the window as you would like, from either direction. With the top down feature, you can still bring in the bright sky while keeping the shades drawn at the bottom of the window, providing privacy. We offer top down bottom up shades with both light filtering and blackout options.

2.) Privacy

Many of our blinds and shades provide substantial privacy. Our cellular shades and Roman shades both are drawn up and down to completely block the windows from outside view. Horizontal blinds, like our faux wood and wood blinds, feature the slats tilt option to give you more control of how much or how little visibility you would like. Bamboo shades do tend to be more decorative in nature and don't always allow for as much privacy. However, for our Custom Bamboo Roman Shades Series One and Series Two, we do offer the option of an additional privacy liner.

3.) Energy Efficiency

One of the most common places that heat and cooling escape the house is in the windows. A drafty window can cause your utility bills to skyrocket if left alone. However, we offer several options that are considered energy efficient. Our cellular shades are a great way to cut down on those high energy bills, as the cellular material helps to better absorb incoming drafts. Single cellular shades will help, and our Aura Double Cellular Shade will reduce the draft even more, providing double the insulation of a single cell shade. We also have Thermal Lined Roman Shades, which will help provide a thermal barrier between the room and a drafty window, while also providing a little extra light blockage.

4.) Operation

Cordless control is a very popular option in homes these days. We offer cordless lift systems for almost all of our honeycomb cellular shades, as well as the option for a cordless lift for both faux wood and aluminum mini blinds. However, cordless lift options aren't always the best choice, especially if you have high windows that cannot be reached by hand. For higher windows, keep corded blinds and shades in mind. If you need a corded option, but don't like the idea of cords being seen, consider something like a Roman shade. Our Roman shades are made with lift cords on the back of the shade, out of sight until they are needed to raise or lower the shade.

5.) Child Safety

Child safety is always a concern, even if you don't personally have children in your home. Unfortunately, there are still cases of children getting caught in the lift cords for blinds and shades in their homes, with serious consequences. With cordless lift systems, cords are not a concern. Furthermore, our Roman shades all come with breakaway cords, a safety feature that allows the cord to come free if someone gets caught in a dangling cord.

6.) Price/ Value

Of course, a budget is always in mind when shopping for big purchases, including window coverings. At Window Blind Outlet, we try our best to keep our prices low and reasonable, to provide you with more savings. We also feature a selection of stock size items. They are still quality items, but at an affordable price. We also offer coupon codes when you like us on Facebook or sign up for our email list. The savings are there for the taking.

Of course, in the end it comes down to the style and color that you are interested in. We do offer free sample swatches for almost all of our custom products, so you can make sure that the color and material will suit your needs. Choosing the right shade for your blind can be tricky, but we hope that this guide will help make it a little less intimidating.